Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum
Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum
Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum

Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum

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FDA Approved - Clinically, allergy & dermatologist tested and approved


100% Natural - No fragrance, irritants, chemical or toxic ingredient used


Rejuvenate - Restore damaged eyelashes caused by extensions and eyelash curlers


Early Results - Grow up to 2 mm after using it for 7-14 days


Strengthens - Makes fragile, subtle lashes longer & fuller in 4 weeks


Moisturizing - Intense lash conditioning treatment made of nourishing peptides, vitamins & botanicals


Protects -  Shields your lashes from external factors


Multi-Use - Can be applied on both your eyelashes & eyebrows


Cruelty-Free - Not tested on animals


  • CLEANSE: Remove residues and makeup. Bear in mind, oil-based makeup cleansers and removers can leave behind residues which can generate a barrier between the lash conditioner and your lashes. It’s necessary to get rid of any left over.
  • APPLY: Apply a thin line of Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum in a swiping movement to the top-side of your lashes, directly to the skin of your upper eyelid margin which is at the base of the eyelash using its applicator. The product is specially made to stay where it is applied. A little quantity does a great job, a thin stroke each day is all that is needed on all desired areas.
  • Allow the eyelashes to dry up before going ahead with makeup and skin care routines.
  • Brush off any extra solution above the eyelid margin. Additional applications of Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum will not guarantee the growth of eyelashes.
  • When this treatment is stopped, your eyelash growth will probably go back to its pre-treatment level.
  • Use twice in a day on each day (morning and night) to achieve the best-desired result.
  • To get satisfying results, you have to apply this Eyelash Growth Enhancer Serum consistently to get your desired effects.
  • You can fix this product into your beauty regimen. This is not a temporary treatment unlike the fake eyelash extensions; instead, it works to grow fuller and lustrous eyelashes.
  • You should see results between 1 to 2 weeks. Continue and it will grow about 40% more in 4 weeks!
Ingredient: Purified water, Sodium chloride, Benzalkoniumc chloride, Citric acid, Disodium phosphate, Cellulose gum

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